Into the Atlantic Islands

Into the Atlantic islands is a project born from the seek of art, sports and travel. Sami Sauri, Sergio Villalba and Christian Rosillo get together to create not just films but art pieces by documenting it all in analog photography and creating fanzines from each of those adventure episodes.

We want to change the way people explore, with the combination of sports cultures and landscapes on each location.


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Purple island is the name they gave to Madeira when they discovered it in 1419 since then it had some magic growth and now is one of the most known and pretty islands of the Atlantic. Placed in front of Morocco but belonging to Portugal we were really curious to go and explore it, not just by bike, but surfing also.

Check out out youtube channel or jump on the website for the full story!

"The adventure in this island was so amazing and exciting that i really want to come back to continue surfing and discovering more beautiful places like this"


On 2021 we took our first trip into Madeira combining surf with cycling, culture and landscapes.

We embarked ourselves into an adventure of a week making the loop and searching waves, the film series contains Sami by bike, Sergio and Christian by car documenting it all.

With this project the only idea was to motivate people no matter how and what to go outside and follow their dreams.

A project that we back up on 2021 due to Covid and back on track for 2022, Island is our next destination.
Our goal is to explore all the corners and all the possible sports on this remote part of the Atlantic.

Harsh weather, many small islands and from south to north, Sami will be willing to take over all with her own power, cycling and seeking for waves.

Canary islands, the place where it all started, where I met Sergio Christian and Hector, it has our blood and our sould on our born country. Canary is special to us, its composed by 8 islands and each of them totally diferent to the other. They each have its particularity and lots of story’s to tell. I think this are pretty, extreme and with a long time culture that we can’t wait to tell you more.

Azores, known as the place that could still live a dinosaur, it’s crazy flashy green combined with top volcanos lakes and little undiscover places azores could just be a surpirse to us. There are 9 of them and we want to explore and vistit them all, no matter if its by foot, bike or wind.