Tour des Combines

Tour des Comines is a two days adventure MTB ride. The idea comes from Sonia, a good friend. Obviously, I couldn’t say no to her, so she decided to join it after not riding for a long time. I for sure had to battle with her performance, but also with her mind as she wasn’t prepared at all for that.

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The story

At 7AM the adventure started with a long day in the car to see the sunset in ¨El Paso de Gran San Berardo¨, 2.469m.

The day after, Sami Sauri and her colleague started to ride from that point, following the river. There were some technical climbs, but the landscape was always a good motivation to continue pushing. They didn’t expect to find so much snow during the trail. But in August at 2.797m in the Alps there is snow. Sometimes they needed to walk, as it was almost impossible to ride.

The descent was one of the most wonderful parts of the adventure, it was not easy but it was beautiful.

At the end of the day we were arriving to Mauvosin, a village where you can find the main and only hotel that is there.

The day after the adventure started on the road, until they arrived at the main trail and straight to the second big climb of the ride: Col de Mille (2.473m).

Food stop, and ready to continue to what it was at the end of the route. Last kilometres on the road to end the adventure at the top of Tour de Combines. 

Purple island is the name they gave to Madeira when they discovered it in 1419 since then it had some magic growth and now is one of the most known and pretty islands of the Atlantic. Placed in front of Morocco but belonging to Portugal we, Sami, Sergio and Christian were really curious to go and explore it, not just by bike, but surfing also.